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We have included as many resources as possible from our research for those interested in learning more. We are grateful to several people and groups of people.

Production Team
Miguel Martinez Jr. - Student Researcher
Rosemary Martinez - Student Researcher
Juan Carlos Aguilar - Faculty
Valerie Bueno - Researcher, Writer
Jason Johann - Composer
Satinder Kaur - Filmmaker
Christine Le - Illustrator
Leo Limón - Artist
Rosa Limón - Student Researcher
Jennifer Maldonado Tooley - Editor, Text
Rosa Mazón - Editor, Text
Amanda McMullen - Researcher, Writer
Shawn C. Neill - Editor, Film
Daniella Nowitz - Cinematographer
Mark O'Meany - Researcher
Sharon Sekhon - Project Lead
Bobbie Urtez - Researcher

Seal & School Song Sign Painters
Adrian Galvez
Javier Matias
Marvin Bonola
Charles Ertola
Lee Yarza
Brie Wakeland

Archives, Production Companies, Sources
A+ Signs and Banners
Calisphere and the California Digital Library
The Center for the Study of Political Graphics
The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
The Los Angeles Public Library
The Library of Congress, Map Division
Lynda.com for use of the interview with Doyald Young
Special Collections, the University of Southern California

Juan Carlos Aguilar
Carole Anderson
Helen Armstrong
Leticia Barajas
Karen Bass
Brian Battams
Rigoberto Bejarano
Marvin Bonola
Marva Brooks-Allman
Connie Capacchione
Willa N. Davis
Charles Ertola
Laurence B. Frank
Mary Gallagher
Adrien Galvez
Eric Garcetti
Lori Gay
Sylvia Ibarra
Vincent Jackson
Chini Johnson-Taylor
Henan Joof
Lisa Legohn
Leo Limón
Rosa Limón
Linda Mackey
Miguel Martinez, Jr.
Miguel Martinez
Javier Matias, Jr.
John McDowell
Cynthia Morley-Mower
Art Mortimer
Emiliano Paniagua
Catena Passalacqua
George Perez
Curren Price
John Reamer, Sr.
John Reamer, Jr.
Peter Rauterkus
Elton Robinson
Merle Rogers
Lucille Roybal-Allard
Judith Samuel
Cornelia Short
Dorothy Short
Bill Smith
Dorothy Smith
Barbara Soles
Rosemary Sterling
Scott Svonkin
Ninoska Tamayo
Adrian Trinidad
Bill Troost
Armando Urtez
Rosalie Villora
Brie Wakeland
Lee Yarza

75th Anniversary Celebration created in 2000
"Tools for Success" (2003)
Huell Howser Visits LATTC in 2007
Senator Barack Obama campaigns at LATTC in 2008
President Barack Obama visits LATTC in 2014