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Strawberry Flag: This timeline of veterans history and the West Los Angeles Veterans Administraton was inspired by the art experience known as Strawberry Flag by Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio conducted over 2009 - 2010.
Strawberry Flag
LA Women: A Record of Experience Timeline: This timeline uses a global, national, state, local and personal in exploring women's history and profiles 20 local women who've made a contribution to our history.
LA Women A Record of Experience
A Timeline of the San Fernando Valley: This timeline examines this often overlooked community in Souther California for the Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
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A Legacy of Care: This timeline was created for the Western Conservancy of Nursing History and explores how individuals shaped medicine and public health through nursing in Southern California from 1810 - 2010.
Playing Place Timeline: This timeline highlights local heroes and lesser known individuals and sports that shaped Southern California history.
Playing Place
Law & Disorder: This timeline shows change over time by looking at the formation of laws and human behavior that changes or sets up the laws to begin with. It also explores concepts of agency, resistance and retributive justice.
Signs of Our Times Timeline: This timeline shows change over time by looking at the built environment, names of places and streets in the public landscape.
Signs of Our Times
Chemical & Nuclear Clean-Up from A-Z of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory: This timeline and guide was created with the SSFL Community Action Group to illuminate this history and clean up effort.
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A Brief History of Watts Timeline: This timeline was created for the inspirational Watts Gang Task Force and part of the 2009 - 2010 exhibit "Law & Disorder."
Watts Timeline
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