Projects related to local neighborhoods
Love Is Living Large
Common Ground: Histories of the Ambassador Hotel's Neighborhood
Pioneer Project: Histories of Artesia

The Bridges of LA County - This is based on the 2010 calendar of the same name, produced by the Studio for Southern California History.

Bridges of LA County
1909 Map
East of Alameda - This looks at the 1909 map of Los Angeles focusing on the section east of Alameda. This map was created for the 2011 Bloomfest Art Festival.
East of Alameda

The Holiday Bowl History Project: A multimedia website with documentary, timeline, essay and more for those interested in this cherished bowling alley on Crenshaw Blvd. This bowling alley was built in 1957 and survived two riots before its demolition.

Holiday Bowl History Project
An Homage to Womanhouse
Evergreen Cemetery in East Los Angeles
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