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Los Angeles Women: A Record of Experience Community Quilt

In the fall of 2006, the Studio for Southern California History issued a call to local quilters asking them to donate a 12" X 12" quilt block that honored a woman who is important to local history in order to create a community quilt for the 2007 exhibit Los Angeles Women: A Record of Experience. In addition to using a common color or fabric, blocks needed to have a title, description of who it was honoring, and be turned in by late 2006 to be included in the exhibit. This community quilt has developed beyond its initial installation.
Select a quilt block to learn more about its entry like who made it, who it honors and why the person was chosen. Women Rising Mataji Victoria Arellano Pancho Barnes Anita Andrade Castro Angel Free Love
  Peggy Bernal Maria Bautista Aimee Dozois La Virgen de Guadalupe Hidalgo Moon Over the Mountain Compilation of blocks done at the Studio  
  Mary Capacchione Clare Marter Kenyon Sign A Kiss for Every Woman Skater  
Modesta Avila Johnnie Tillmon Chisako! Entries made at the Studio Grandmother Dorothy Healy
copyright 2011 the Studio for Southern California History