March 17: Rosebrock displays the American flag upside-down for the sixty-fifth consecutive Sunday. An "associate of the hospital" calls federal police to report"a desecration of the flag and fears that mental health patients might be sensitive to 'inappropriate' displays on [the] property." Rosebrock's flag is confiscated and he joins with the American Civil Liberties Union and sues the VA for denying veterans free-speech rights. Rosebrock plans on protesting until he receives "a permanent injunction against the VA" putting the WLA-VA land to outside use.

June 26: General Eric Shinseki, the head of Veterans Affairs for the United States, allocates $20 million toward housing for homeless veterans in association with the WLA-VA's Building 209.

Bldg. 209: Garden Folly by Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio is installed six miles east of Strawberry Flag at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the exhibition EATLACMA. Bldg. 209: Garden Folly is indexical of Strawberry Flag. The sickest strawberry plants are brought from Strawberry Flag to Bldg 209: Garden Folly for treatment in a trial aeroponic intensive care unit. On six consecutive Fridays from August 27 to October 1the Metabolic Studio trolley "The Twain" travels from LACMA to the VA campus and back again. Each week guest conversationalists narrate the route and explore issues raised by Strawberry Flag and Bldg. 209: Garden Folly, which are at each end of the free tour.

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