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The 1990 Census counts 14,042 residents in Sawtelle with 48% Anglo, 26% Latino, 23% Asian, and 3 % black, marking it “one of the most racially mixed neighborhoods on the Westside.” Since it’s development, Sawtelle is a working class area where people “barred from other areas by racial covenants or high prices” reside, among them Latinos, Japanese and poor whites, most of whom work at the Old Soldiers’ Home. Sawtelle residents work the fields of lima beans, barely and in the homes of wealthy Bel-Air, Beverly Hills and Brentwood residents.
John P. Farquhar and other descendants of Arcadia Bandini de Baker and John P. Jones charge that the original deed [for the VA property] requires that the land be ‘permanently’ used for veterans” but lose their case on a technicality.
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