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October 8: The Reagan Administration attempts to sell eighty acres deemed “surplus” at the Veterans Administration in Westwood, along with 31.8 acres on the Sepulveda side for a $360 million profit. Sonny Montgomery, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, opposes the shrinking of federal holdings. The House of Representatives is able to stop the VA from submitting any selling proposals until at least July 1, 1988. According to elected officials and neighborhood groups, the main concerns with selling the land are “traffic, parking and air pollution.” Opposition also comes from Carl Carlson, president of the Mission Hills Little League, who is thankful for the baseball field used by little leagues in the San Fernando Valley. The Westwood facility¬† “includes city-sponsored baseball diamonds and a vacant, wooded ravine that serves as a buffer zone between a VA psychiatric hospital and the nearby community of Brentwood;” “a nine-hole golf course for hospital patients;” and “six acres of parking and lawns south of Wilshire Boulevard.”
October 8: The House of Representatives blocks the sale of VA land in Westwood and Sepulveda until at least 1988.
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