home 1928
August 12: A series of improvements begin at the "National Home of Disabled Volunteer Soldiers" at an estimated $ 2,500,000. The original mess hall is replaced with a three-wing mess hall that will accommodate nearly 1,300 men; twelve more barracks; and the widening of Wilshire Boulevard.
August 12: Description of the Soldiers' Home from the Los Angeles Times: "Further emphasizing the magnitude of the veterans center, it was disclosed by Governor Hadley that the property comprises 675 acres. There are 112 buildings, with barracks capable of accommodating comfortably 3,600 men. Two-hundred ninety acres are laid out in farms, gardens and orchards, and 365 acres are devoted to parks, lawns and cemetery. The cemetery, where 10,000 veterans graves are marked by uniform slabs of concrete, consists of thirty-nine acres. Seven and six-tenths miles of roadways traverse the plateau. Expense of maintaining the home reached $ 1,500,000 last year. The hospital averaged 780 men during the year. A total of $1,442,055 was dispensed in pensions last year."
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