home 1908
March 9: Women of the GAR hold Arbor Day celebrations at the Sawtelle’s Cottage Home by planting seventeen fruit trees.  The Home is run by the women who tend to infirm soldiers.
August 13: Soldiers’ Home veterans crowd Justice Summerfield’s courtroom to witness the trial of W. A. Foy. Foy is a guard at the Soldiers’ Home who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he beats Jacob Mulford, a 74-year-old veteran. Mulford returns to the home from the theaters in Sawtelle at 9:15 pm and sits on the porch of his barrack. Officer Foy, who is off duty, approaches Mulford and requests he immediately go to bed; Foy asks the veteran to give up his whiskey bottle too (whiskey is prohibited in the barracks). The officer claims he “pleasantly” asks Mulford to go to bed but the veteran responds with curses. According to Foy’s account, Mulford strikes him in the face which obliges the officer to shove the veteran to the floor. Mulford and other veterans testify that Foy beats Mulford as he lays on the porch and “add that [his] face is covered with blood, that he is unable to defend himself, and that the officer chokes him and strikes him with his cane.” The veteran is arrested and after the trail, Foy is released under $500 bail.
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