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February 1: Deputy District Attorney Fleming, Constable Adams and De la Monte raid Sawtelle in search of alcohol and arrest six men and four women. The men spend the night in County Jail and the women pay the $50 bail but are charged with “maintaining a house of ill repute.” C. Langdon is caught exiting a “booze emporium” and is stopped at gunpoint by Constable Adams.
February 6: C. H. Tibbitts owns the bus line that transports people from the Soldiers’ Home to Sawtelle and back. This route is also used to carry mail as mandated by a contract with the Post office Department.
November 1: Tibbitts leases the line to Tom Gulliver who does not have a problem continuing the mails services until last December when he asks for $30 per month from the Post Office. The Post Office does not respond and Gulliver extends the services until February 1 when he learns that the Chief Moore of the railway postal service announces that “no more that $10 [can] be allowed for the route.” Gulliver stops mail services and the postmaster must deliver the 6:30 am mail to Sawtelle in a handcart.
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