home 1903
May 10: The caterpillar known as the army worm is moving up from Sawtelle into the Soldiers’ Home and a possible infestations in the flower beds is feared. Bids for the new barracks open on June 4, and “for construction of an addition to the canteen on the 21st instant;” the heater and steam pipelines are almost ready for use in a few days.
November 16: The Los Angeles Times reports on the aviary at the Soldiers’ Home where veterans can sit in the big cage and listen to the birds for hours. Amongst the finch, cardinal, oriole, song sparrow and mocker are many other birds from “far lands and strange countries.” Veterans in the Santa Monica home. The Times reports “this is sweeter music to the ears of these old comrades than the kind they [hear] when the bullets [are] singing” at various wars; “now, when all their wars are done, they sit in the twilight of the years and find happiness in the gentlest of pleasures—the song of a bird.”
The farm in the Soldiers' Home includes cattle, horses and hogs; provides most of the grain, fruits and vegetables for the year's cooking; and contributes $25,069 to the institution.
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