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May 31: Colonel H. H. Markham, member of the Board of Managers, speaks at the Soldiers’ Home on Memorial Day. The Woman’s Relief Corps of Frank Bartlett Post, Mrs. Markham and a few others donate flowers for Colonel Markham to give to each of the veterans during the remembrance ceremony. The Colonel boards the train at 10 a.m. and leaves for the Santa Monica home; upon arrival a battalion salutes him and all incoming officials and visitors. The “simple ceremony” is held at the dining hall where Colonel Markham, Colonel Harrison Gray Otis and others address the veterans. Up to now, only one Soldiers’ Home resident has passed. 
September 14: At the end of the Civil War, the US Government begins assistance programs for veterans that include the passage of bills granting pensions and the establishment of special veteran homes. Any general caught mistreating the veterans is reprimanded by the Government and is subjected to punishment. The soldiers' home is in its infancy but already The Tribune files a series of allegations against it. The Los Angeles Times responds with an investigation and reminds readers that if the accusations against the Santa Monica Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers are found to be true, they will expose them and request appropriate punishment. However, based “upon the practically unsupported charges of a notoriously rackless, unreliable and sensational paper, such as is the Tribune, published by a person of known bad repute, no judgment unfavorable to the management of the institution can safely be made up."
September 19: The Los Angeles Tribune publishes ten columns that point out "irregularities" at the Soldiers' Home, including charges against the Governor. The Times and The Herald send reporters to the home to investigate and the accusations are found to be false. The only "cruelty" charge is against the Governor when he finds an inebriated veteran and after the veteran offers him a drink, he takes the alcohol bottle and pours it on the ground. The reporters conclude that the "irregularities" at the home are largely due to the "inadequate appropriations and from the fact that the home is new and lacking in accommodations and supplies." John Duyer, a Soldiers' Home resident, responds to The Tribune by calling Mr. Murray (who refuses to give his writing address) a liar. Duyer suggests Murray "top publicly beg Coloner Treichel's pardon for the willful lying of its commissioner and jailbird, Fairbanks."
September 26: The Los Angeles Times charges The Tribune's false accusations against the Soldiers' Home harm "the veterans, the home, the commander, and the reputation of Los Angeles County and the Pacific Coast." The charges are motivated by the want to replace the home's Governor by someone from The Tribune, and to “manipulate the votes of the veterans in future political campaigns.” A past department commander explains thatthe false report makes “ex-soldiers forget their composure, [and] neglect their duty of ‘fraternity and charity’” because they look at the home only to criticize it.
October 1: Colonel Lieutenant A. Harris and Colonel J. B. Thomas, members of the Board of Managers of the National Soldiers’ Homes, visit the Santa Monica branch accompanied by the resident member of the board, Colonel H. H. Markham. The purpose of their stay is to inspect the site and listen to any complaints from the home’s residents. The Los Angeles Times writes “chronic dissatisfaction and liquor are the principal causes of the trouble;” and explain that sober veterans rarely complain. Unlike The Tribune’s reporter who is “a jailbird, a swindler and an utterly disreputable fellow,” the home’s Governor is “a good Republican…a member of the Grand Army of the Republic and a gallant ex-soldier, who has shed some blood and performed some service for the country.” The Times is certain that during their visit, the members of the Board will discover that most complaints are from “chronic grumblers” that have complained about their current home so much that they are moved to the Santa Monica branch because they can not be turned away.
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