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February 14: Artesian water wells provide "the purest water" to California, Illinois, Kentucky and New York, amongst other states. In Los Angeles county approximately 2,500 artesian wells exist, some with depths of over 500 feet. It is theorized that a water strata that receives pressure from the Sierra Nevada can provide water to the entire Los Angeles valley but no one tests this until Jones & Baker. However, Jones & Baker are unsuccessful in formulating a test to determine if water is indeed available for use throughout Los Angeles and the matter is handed over to the committee in charge of selecting a site for and building the Soldier's Home in Santa Monica. The Times reminds readers "It [the test] would be a public-spirited act that all right-thinking people would appreciate."
April 23: The newly built Soldier's Home in Santa Monica has 25 buildings that will accommodate approximately 2,500 men. Soldiers’ Home residents in Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin ask about the California location and it is hypothesized that in a few years at least 10,000  "old soldiers" will be stationed there.
May 2: Private George Davis, a Civil War veteran from New York becomes tired of the cold New York winters and leaves for California. Private Davis is the first veteran to arrive at the new Santa Monica Soldiers’ Home. Veterans need not be sick or wounded to live free in the facility and the Private takes up residence in a tent set up on the grounds.
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