December 8: After exploring Santa Barbara and San Diego, the city of Los Angeles is chosen as the location for the Soldiers' Home. The "charms of this sunny southland" and its location within the frostless belt make it the perfect locale for veterans. The fertile soil facilitates fruit growing; any citrus tree can easily produce fruit; the tomato grows during winter and; "every month of the year the strawberry ripen[s] in the sunshine." The 600 acre site is in the foothills of the Sierra Santa Monica and after the horticulturist and agriculturist finish their work, the parks will have "multitudinous flowers," "rare plants and blossoms of every kind," and "where musical fountains and running streams" may be heard. The home will ensure that "our battle-scarred veterans" and "those who honor their fidelity and loyalty to country" rest in the best available space. 
December 9: Russell & Baum of 132 West First Street in Los Angeles and successors to Russell, Cox & Co., advertise the Soldier's Home profitability. Although no prices have been advanced, lots in Jones's Ocean Spray (an addition to Santa Monica) are for sale.
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