LA Exchange
photography   readings  

Curated by Jeremy Hight & Lisa Hight, "LA Exchange" includes photographs from both artists as well as contributions from local writers.

August 10 & 11, 2012
at the Studio for Southern California History's Pop Up Gallery at 818 N. Hill Street in the Best Western Plaza.

Los Angeles is a city with many “faces” (expectations, cliches, memes) as well as places; the archive and history of photography of the place is the same. What would happen if one were to collide tourist photos and war? Bridal photography and the aesthetics of photo surveys of older neighborhoods and industrial areas? If a civil war reenactment were held in the suburbs, shouldn’t the photo show the condos and power lines? LA Exchange has a “blind date” where 16 LA writers have each been sent a photo from the show as their “date” to respond to and collaborate with. A reading will be held at 7pm on both days. Writers included (Friday) Ophelia Chong, Theresia Rosa Kleeman, Jason Kordich, Joe Rourke, Michael Schuster, Mark Singerman, Justin Veach. (Saturday) Lloyd Aquino, John Brantingham, Zoe Colette Etkin, Steven Salardino, Sharon Sekhon, Matias Viegener, Ebony Wiliams and Adam Wills.

Lisa Hight received writing degrees from both San Francisco State and Northern Arizona University. She teaches English at Pierce College and Mt. San Antonio College. Her interest in photography grew from receiving a camera as a Christmas gift. This is her first exhibition of photography.

Jeremy Hight is an artist/theorist/information~designer/writer/photographer/musician/editor/curator. He has published numerous articles on locative media, new media, language theory and art.

copyright the Studio for Southern California History