December 3, 2017
"Belle's Los Angeles"

This map and timeline were created for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (ICALA) by the Studio for Southern California History (Studio). The Studio is dedicated to critically chronicling and sharing the region's social history in order to foster sense of place. We encourage collaborative efforts among different people and institutions in order to gather place-based histories. Co-authors include Lanla Gist, Catherine Gudis, Kristen Hargrove, Deanna Matsumoto, Monica Pelayo-Lock, and Sharon Sekhon. Research on Belle Williams was conducted by Jenna Chapton, Refugio Jimenez Jr, Josiah Rath, Alyssa Rogan, Marisa Thornburg, and James White. Special thanks go to Studio friend Rory Coleman Mitchell who connected us with Asuka Hisa of the ICALA.

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copyright 2017
the Studio for Southern California History