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Common Ground: the Histories of the Ambassador Hotel’s Neighborhood
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Common Ground is divided into two parts: this section which shows the ongoing investigation into the neighborhood of the former Ambassador Hotel and the Wilshire Center communities. We have created a list of online resources for those wishing to go further. Fortunately, there are many people who love this place and continue to keep its history alive. In addition to oral histories, this project highlights ephemera related to this neighborhood and current photographs.

The second section is an online Guide created over the summer of 2011 by student interns investigating the area. This Guide include points to explore on your own in the neighborhood and is co-authored by Lucas Benitez, Marie Cabal, Carla Calderon, Claudia Carcamo, George Castillo, Gabrielle Garcia, Michelle Lopez, Michael Mattice, Nicole Miller, Abajh Singh, Jonathan Tran and was overseen by Kelli Quinones at the Studio for Southern California History. Contact: If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact the Studio for Southern California History at 213-375-8890 or by emailing Please put 'Common Ground Project' in the subject line.