An A Meowzing History of Southern California Feline Facts & Trivia Peak A MewNKLAKitten in Flower Pot
Exhibit Dedication Portrait of Smokie

An A-MEOW-ZING HISTORY of Southern California Feline Facts & Trivia

This online exhibit to cats was created by the Studio for Southern California History for NKLA: No Kill Los Angeles. NKLA is a coalition of concerned animal advocates across Los Angeles. NKLA helps animals live a full and quality life by helping LA become a no-kill city for pets. In addition to chronologically showing change over time, this exhibit demonstrates how different voices, language, and expressions changed within the local press.  Cats play a big part in our lives and the way writers document human interaction with these domesticated animals provides portals into social values. We have included quotes whenever possible from the original authors of articles to highlight their wit, puns, humor, sympathy, and wonder in relaying cat stories. We have shared cats in public art, entries about our own cats, and trivia. Thanks to Bob Drwila, Gabrielle Garcia, Hillary Jenks, Dona Lawrie, Michelle Alexandra Lopez, Sharon Sekhon and the Studio for Southern California History for their assistance. Enjoy!
This exhibit is dedicated to Smokie Sekhon. Learn about her later in the timeline. Portrait at right by Shirley Kurata circa 1995. Oil/gouache on black velvet.
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